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    NO side to side movement at all… you can run tighter tire to fender clearance. It takes up less of the vehicle's interior volume compared to coil springs. Find 15 Apr 2017 A thicker rear anti-sway bar will make 10x the difference in handling improvement dude and it probably costs LESS. Highway driving you can’t even tell. PROS CONS; More road feel: Reduced ride comfort: Stiffer ride: Impractical for rough roads: Less roll when cornering: Accelerated or uneven tire wear: Better handling: Chance of bottoming out: Improved aerodynamics: Potential rubbing on parts or tires: Improved traction: Can’t use a standard jack: Less rollover risk: Cost: Great looks: Warranty issues Nov 04, 2015 · As the suspension travels the bushings stretch and compress to comply with the suspension movement. Dinan camber plates, with approximately one degree negative camber for the street. For off-road vehicles and high-performance cars, the rear suspension is a great feature. Donut Media did a sway bar video recently that explains what and how they work visually. In the following sections, we shall look at the pros and cons of this independent rear suspension system, according to the different performance and practicality criteria. 2018 · 0:00 UTC Choosing a cross country race bike used to be simple – it was a case of fat tyres, rim Nov 14, 2016 · Shocks and struts are two different suspension parts that perform similar functions on various suspension systems. Detroit Axle 10074-4 – Best Rear Struts. 965 60N CP. I started with a H Brace, changed to a Spoon front Tie bar, and now running without except the stock cross Test bar was OEM JDM Type R Rear Strut. E-CON 2 UNIT. - I'm having Bilstein Sports and UUC springs installed and I am now considering adding an upgraded (i. The rear springs on the General are too stiff to gain the extra independent wheel travel that gives you a better ride like you get with the fronts. A shock that keeps the rear wheel planted on the road while at the same time keeps my back from being jolted by an imperfection in the road. SWAY BAR. Jan 25, 2021 · The launch of the fourth-generation Jimny was easily the most anticipated car event of 2018, with reservations for the car lasting more than a year long for most of the vehicle’s early buyers. The roads in indiana where I live are rough. FROM THE DRIVER SEAT. three-wheeling on the driveway into my complex every time. Strut Brace Hi, I installed the 19mm rear sway bar last week and it made a huge difference in my opinion in handling. Often misunderstood because Honda didn't quite know how to market it correctly, but if you're looking for something that sits somewhere between a crossover and a van, and you don't mind the relatively van-like ride gas mileage, it is a very unique, useful, and dependable way to haul just about anything you could imagine, to Nov 19, 2020 · A rear-wheel drive, the Transit’s suspension consists of independent MacPherson Struts with coil springs and stabilizer bar at the front and leaf springs with gas-pressurized shocks at the rear. Does anybody have any good info on the pros and cons of each of these? Also An anti-roll bar is optional and if present is attached by a ball-jointed rod to the spring-damper or by a ball or elastomerically jointed rod to the wishbone. Looking at rough country's 3" lift for my truck. So I've made a sort of Pro/Con list to help me to decide if Get the job done with the right ACDelco Car and Truck Shocks and Struts at the lowest prices. Read this pros and cons review for the answer. 01. Cars With Side Exit Exhaust Have Better Access To Rear Suspension. Two years in, is this retro-styled mini SUV worth all the hype? We take a look a the Suzuki Jimny’s pros and cons. A true off-roader The Nissan Terra takes its slogan, #GoAnywhere, to heart, with its undercarriage consisting of a full-length, fully boxed ladder frame, double-wishbone front suspension, and multi-link rear suspension. Considering the robustness of coil springs, there aren’t many problems with this form of suspension. How would you rate the handling results in terms of pros and cons? Thanks. Advantages of suspension: More comfortable ride. If you're someone who likes to bring your car out for a trackday, you'll enjo 13 Dec 2005 The idea is to stiffen up the front end, but only to the point where grip is at a maximum. It can make the response of the vehicle become too stiff. Struts are more common on cars than on trucks and larger vehicles. This result is body flex such as torsion. Does anyone run traction bars on a 4" suspension on a blazer w/ rear springs? Any pros and cons? 2 Oct 2019 13 Major Pros and Cons of Front and Rear Strut Bars · 1. In this video we'll be going over what strut bars are, what is their purpose, what are the pros & cons and what they are. The purpose of a shock absorber is to dampen the compression and rebound of your Jeep’s suspension system, so your driving experience isn’t so jarring. I won't be doing much off roading, wondering what the pros and cons are other than the price. Better control of the bicycle – better traction when cornering, even braking. Koni single adjustable front struts, factor Received my strut bar today Suspension | Chassis | Brakes. 4. I removed my front bar the day I bought it. Feb 15, 2021 · A twist rear beam suspension is also very space-saving, allowing potentially more interior/trunk room. ly/ Jan 25, 2016 · Multi-link suspension, through a variety of connecting rod configurations (usually three-link, four-bar linkage, five-link), the first to achieve all the performance double-wishbone suspension, and then on the basis of the double-wishbone through a link on the connecting shaft The binding effect the tire toe angle can also be changed Jan 16, 2018 · Read up on the pros and cons of each here. I just installed the strut tower bar on my Jan 2016 build date Limited today, a simple 10 minute install. 0 7 bolt,E316G There are 4 primary rear suspension types – spring, rubber, air ride, and independent suspension. Pros 1. “ordinary” rigid forks, seat posts and stems. By rotating a torsion bar relative to the frame, a driver can easily raise or lower his vehicle by several inches for either more ground clearance or for a pavement-scraping ride. Strut to 3 Mar 2020 Strut bar or strut brace, as the name suggests is a metal or aluminum bar that connects to the two strut towers under your hood that holds the front suspension, tying the struts together which reduces chassis flex and body 3 Jan 2021 Strut Bar Pros & Cons; Popular Strut Bars; Conclusion Commonly, the most typical strut bar design is a simple 'bar' that connects either your front or rear strut towers, adding improved strength and rigidity 5 Mar 2010 Usually a favorite in car customization and an integral part of heavy trucks and SUVs, strut bars are now Although it is not a decision to ponder over but you can certainly weigh the pros and cons depending on the type TT (Mk1) Discussion - Pros and Cons of rear sway bar upgrade? Please discuss. Standard trailer sway control and a load-leveling rear suspension give the Durango an extra measure of stability. The impact is isolated to one The main advantages of a torsion bar suspension are durability, easy adjustability of ride height, and small profile along the width of the vehicle. The shocks absorb the energy of each jostle and dissipate it in the form of heat, reducing the amount of bounce in your ride. It all depends if you want a working truck, a cruising option, or one that can go fast – each has different requirements that may or may not make this option necessary. The install video can be found at 2 Both, rear and front independent suspension systems are now used as a standard in most of the cars that we use today. Have you ever seen a drag car get out of shape and lift the inside rear tire off the ground? That is what a ladder bar can do for you in cornering situations Rear sway bar, 19 to 20 (22mm is too much without a larger front). The install video can be found at 2 Cons: none. 965 60J CB. Dec 20, 2019 · Pros and Cons of an Independent Rear Suspension System. For these reasons, the ACR handles better than the stock SRT-4. The top edge of the bumpers were set to: 522 +/-20mm Rear, 526 +/-20mm Front (533 +/-20mm for S2). The body styling dates back to 1931, to a car by Ferdinand Porsche for his personal transport". The major con of torsion bars is they don't work as well as other systems. Vehicles with the engine in the rear are somewhat rare, though the iconic Porsche 911 uses this layout, as do some very niche vehicles like the Ariel Nov 17, 2016 · Without a doubt, rear sag and sway are the most common suspension issues for trucks hauling truck campers. 06 F350 6. i am used to driving mustangs on the street without them. I will probably be purchasing the exhaust and rear sway bar when they come out soon. The HACK July 26, 2016 at 3:33 pm I would like to have this test repeated on the stiffest chassis BMW has ever built, the Z4 Coupe. Be aware of pros and cons BEFORE making your choice. 1. The rear will feel a little looser than the OEM arrangement because there are no natural binding points like the OEM has. Less hardware to buy and install (no Panhard bar) Allows flexibility in bar placement to avoid obstacles; Cons. Consider these truck body lift pros and cons to find out if it’s right for you. You must also know a very important feature of this product, which is that it's available for both the rea Shipping: We will ship your item with whatever service you choose. Add to cart · 350z Nissan OEM Rear 1 Jun 2008 Has anyone ever run something similar to this? any Pros/cons. The MacPherson strut is a type of automotive suspension system that uses the top of a telescopic damper as the upper steering pivot. You'd be fine to throw on a nudgebar with no effect to your suspension. There are many risks on the road, and a truck suspension lift helps you see them early enough. com↠ Merch - http://www. This can be particularly helpful on uneven surfaces and is vital for sports cars. Torsion Bar Pros and Cons Apart from packaging considerations, torsion bars do have one glaring advantage over coil springs. Dec 31, 2020 · Strut Bar Pros and Cons – Buying guide in 2021 As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases We often find people debating whether to get a strut bar or not, and some end up strapping them and dislike the experience afterward. Less-ideal weight distribution. It weighs very little compared to a full replacement bumper, like a bullbar bumper. Without the binding your suspension is free to move nice! Properly tuned coils and shocks are a big plus as well as upping the size of the rear sway bar. Jan 28, 2019 · Pros: Cross-country riding is more fun and joyful with full suspension bikes. With these coils, it made very little difference (especially when the fron 31 May 2009 I was looking to remove the sway bar on my 05 Titan I have SAWS on all fours so is the sway going to be as bad as I think? 1M front & rear sway bars. With the pros and cons of a truck leveling kit, you can avoid the expense of a complete suspension upgrade while improving the vehicle’s aesthetics or the use of a larger tire. Easier to service and maintain. 40 STEP ELECTRONIC DAMPER ADJUSTMENT. Find all the details inside Popular Hot Rodding Magazine. Samoan Thor, Sep 7, 2020 #2 LITE BRITE NATION↠ E3OffRoad - https://e3offroad. OEM and aftermarket strut braces are compared in this demonstration. COM donations are not tax deductible) The entire strut assembly is lighter as well, which has payoffs in unsprung weight and the vehicle's overall power/weight ratio. They have a kit for $279 that comes with strut spacers. · 2. Over time, rubber begins to wear and distort causing your suspension to work less efficiently due to the failing part. Should I mount only rear/front or both? 2 Feb 2007 What rear strut braces are available for the MkIV Golf? What are the pros and cons of each? I seem to remember one that was like the letter "K" on it's side - with a bar straight accross at the top and two mor thoughts about driving on the road with sway bars disconnected / removed wanted to know what you folks prefer, pros and cons of daily On my XJ I deleted the rear sway bar, wasn't need with the leaf springs I have. As you can see, even though there is a lot of debate surrounding a leaf spring suspension system versus a coil spring suspension system, both of them are Rife with pros and cons. 20x9 +18MM XD Hoss/ 305/50/20 Nitto 420S/ 2" Rear Spacers/ TBSS Steering Wheel Swap/ Factory Touchscreen Navigation Swap/ 2 MTX 10 should i take off my sway bars ! whats the pros and cons of driving on the street and did they hurt or help track performance. Dec 06, 2019 · Pros. What are the pros and cons of not 10 May 2017 I just installed the SiriMoto strut brace, and while it made a noticeable improvement, I definitely want a rear sway bar for even better handling. Feb 08, 2021 · Coil Spring Suspension Pros and Cons. Jul 25, 2016 · Straight versus Indepandent suspension pros and cons What are the pros and cons of the two. G-SENSOR UNIT TBA. com 6 Speed, Stack Performance Chubby Pro Sway bars,Stack Stiffie Front Strut Bar, Stack Stiffie Rear Sway Bar, Stack Gu 14 Feb 2011 I have the OME 897 coils in the rear, which (can't make this not sound rude, sorry) are stiff and long, so we took my sway bar off in the rear. Close Ad. Thanks for any input A handshake still means something. however, i only have the There is no advantage to this and there&# 2 Feb 2017 Zach Explains different applications and the effectiveness of performance bracing . *KYB GR2s! Most local shops stick to boring Monroe struts, if I did the install myself I could choose whatever brand I want to use. The trifglides before 14 were straight. litebritestudios. Items 1 - 8 of 8 Front body not only takes all the stress from the suspension through the strut upper bracket, it also holds the weight of Engine. There is less sway with the vehicle with a strut bar. Its effectiveness, however, all comes down to your car. Improved Visibility. In this situation, too much stability can transfer as you transfer energy to one side or the other. triangulated 4 link) PROS CONS Slightly Traction Bar Pros and Cons. Ride comfort is generally lower compared to a multi-link setup. Can anybody tell me the pros and cons of Whyte’s Quad-4 suspension design. The upside of the rear sway bar is that it is fairly cost effective, installation is relatively simple, and the product overall is not highly involved. Full suspension bike is a clear winner when the trails are bumpy, and the downhill is technical. Durability is another plus, with failure points, other than shocks and spring assemblies, being limited to the trailing arm bushings. This guide will provide a description, pros and cons, operating environment considerations, and capacity ranges for each suspension type. Smooth ride: Independent rear suspension systems dampen the shock of one wheel hitting a bump or pothole. The mechanism of rear suspension makes the movement of each car rear wheel independent of the other. rear strut bar only - i am planning on getting a strut bar shortly. install was pretty straight forward, take out bolts, put the strut bar into place and bolt it back on. Other vehicle designs were utilized for this project, the backbone chassis and the idea of independent front and rear suspension came from one and the torsion bar front suspension patented by Porsche back in 1931. With this system you remove the front on rear factory bars and only run Strut Bar vs. 21 Feb 2011 What settings did you use on the front and rear sway bars. Any disadvantages to adding a rear sway bar? I'm not concerned with weight or 9 Apr 2019 An anti-roll bar or sway bar, as the name suggests, prevents your car from rolling about in the corners like a boat on the high seas. AIR SPRING KITS: Firestone Ride-Rite Firestone Coil-Rite Firestone Sport-Rite Air Lift Load-Lifter 5000 Air Lift 1000 Hey guys I am thinking of taking off the old school slapper bars and installing Competition Engineering Slide A Links What are some pros and Cons But to answer the question you posed, a nudge bar will do nothing to the stock suspension. As Detroit Axle is a well-known brand for struts, these struts also meet your expectations. REAR LATERAL LINK + Pro 4 Aug 2018 Depending on which one you buy, there are pro's and cons As for a rear bar, I have never run one so can't comment. That boxy 80s exterior It’s worth noting that the latest generation Jimny A remarkably versatile, and dependable transportation appliance. Rear Sway Bar Strengthened End Link. 5 Mar 2011 G35 Sedan V35 2003-06 - strut bar - hi, guys i am trying to look for strut bar for my 2003 g sport sedan i heard the gtspec is pretty good there are tons of threads out there going over different strut bars and giving t 9 Nov 2010 Understeer can be corrected by stiffening the rear end of the vehicle by adding a Rear Strut Bar and a Rear Anti Roll Bar. Sway Bar Comparison and guideline in 2021. (not really but since its leveled its all looks) So in return to get rid of that lowered rear end look I was looking into Feb 08, 2021 · Coil Spring Suspension Pros and Cons. Written by Richard Bennett Published on 16. I am looking to get a set of these air bags for my truck. If the rear bar is too soft, the car will still understeer and if it is& 19 Nov 2017 I recently lifted my truck 2 inches and I was wondering if I should get rid of my sway bar or keep it connected. Feb 27, 2006 · A technical article on the seven rear suspension types and the pros and cons of them all. · 3. Can anyone tell me some pros & cons of this mod? I only do a little bit of off-roading because my Jeep is my only vehicle. 92 TSI FWD,2580lbs,2. A disadvantage is that torsion bars, unlike coil springs, usually cannot provide a progressive spring rate. The suspension setup on an ACR is like a stage 2 out of a possible 3 in Mopar land. jpg Cons can be that you skid, rather than grip if pushing too hard. Since its leveled, with a 12000lb skid loader or even with my 5320 deere its squatting. REAR STRUT BAR FOR BMW E30, Fits BMW all E30 coupe, sedan and cabrio versions, Improves handling and body strength, Item has to be in the Chatea con nosotros jewelry collection, Large Size swimsuit:L Size XL Size 2XL Size 3XL Siz 20 Dec 2013 Put a Genright rear sway bar on, it will give you all the safety needed for the road an also all the flex of not having the stock track and sway bars. A large back seat and wide-opening rear doors are just the start. Good rear suspension systems are very expensive: the systems fitted to lower-end bikes are not good. That being said, they can be more expensive and aren’t suitable for very heavy vehicles. I took a few pictures to demonstrate this. 18 inch apex wheels with Michelin super sport tires. Don't put a thicker FRONT sway bar on though, unless for some weird reason you like oversteer. Steering - Suspension - Rear End (Moderator: Seldom Seen Slim) » sway bar pros and cons (Note: LANDRACING. It helps to reduce A strut bar is a stiff metal bar that connects your front and/or rear strut towers with the purpose of adding more rigidity to your car. 36 gears, Frozenrotors Big Brake kit, T/B Bypass, Burnout & Air Vent OK. When explaining pros and cons, it will be done in relation to a bicycle without suspension, i. Replaced both front struts : 59700 mi: Both front sway bar links replaced due to excessive wear and noise : 62000 mi C $250: Replaced RT front strut again. A common point of rear suspension measurement is the center or bottom of the torsion bar caps. . Angled upper bars can interfere with exhaust; Angled upper bars can interfere with the fuel tank on late-model trucks Triangulated 4 link (vs. Advantages and disadvantages[edit]. It’s a pretty low commitment modification. UNDERSTEER. Basically, leaf spring systems are much more common, due to their more flexible nature. Shop by part type for Shock Absorber, Shock Absorber Set, Strut Coil Spring Assembly & more to find exactly what you need. Black 07 CC SE 4x4 Suspension-Bilstein 5100s w/08 HD coils, Rough Country 4", PRG UCA, Ext end links, & tie rods, 5100s in the rear, Hellwig Helper Springs, RC Traction bars (not installed yet) Performance-Stillen Radiator, Transgo Shift Kit, UpRev, Nismo CAI, JBA LT's & Cat Back, Cajun Bpipes, UltraQuiet Res, True Trac, 3. UPS provides exceptionally good domestic service. Do front too. _____ Pro, It usually is the best way to hook a high HP street car. Mar 20, 2010 · Z06 Corvettes have a transverse leaf springs rear end All Corvettes have had some kind of leaf spring in their suspension design (not just Z06, which is silly anyway since the Z06 is just a spec, not a particular model or generation), however ever since the C2 (the C1 had a live rear end with leaves) they have been fully independent front and rear. I can upgrade the spacers and get new struts but the price goes up to $499. Oct 14, 2020 · Only pros, it gives you about an inch I believe of extra clearance for when you put on bigger tires. There are several benefits to a coil spring suspension, including greater flexibility and comfort. This is due to their simplicity: If a suspension system isn't complex enough, it can't handle bumps as well. Pros and cons of suspension on a bicycle. my friend sent me this link, it explains what a sway bar does and it's pros and cons, hope this helps. 48320 mi C $300: Excessive bouncing and noise in front of vehicle. It is widely used in the front suspension of modern vehicles and is named for American automotive engineer Earle S. Strut bars and sway bars are both designed to unify the suspension and improve handling, and using one doesn't mean that you ca 13 Apr 2017 Suspension/Wheels/Tires/Brakes - difference between having front strut bar only vs. e. If you prefer to stay seated on your bike while climbing, then the full suspension bike should be the best choice. When driving off the ordinary road, the ability to see further is important. So I've heard that removing the track/sway bar from a YJ can give a better ride, help suspension flex better, etc. For those who are looking for the perfect balance of style, comfort, and capability in a light commercial van, the Ford Transit certainly deserves Oct 23, 2005 · Hello, Just a curious thought. Then the rear bar is chosen or set to dial out understeer. This means that riding in a car with a torsion bar can be less pleasant than riding in a car with another suspension system, although it's better than nothing. But some like th 17 Sep 2010 Can anyone enlighten me on the pros and cons of the two and which you would recommend? If you added either of the two would you also beef up the rear sway bar? FYI, I am completely new to the motoring experience/  Mounted at rear section of the car chassis (boot). There are times when the strut bar doesn’t match the performance of the vehicle. 09-08-2013, 07:02 PM #2 The larger rear anti sway bar and stiffer rear tension strut bushing, assist in minimizing the rear of the car hopping when in a tight turn. Read this review for pros and cons on Toyota’s latest SUV. I would advise against front suspension. Not only does rear sag look bad, but it can make a truck wallow in turns, and feel light when steering. It seems like I would be better off going with a front and rear sway bar and Eibach lowering 21 Aug 2020 I'm installing the Front Strut Tower Bar tomorrow. List of the Cons of a Strut Bar. The rear strut bar is use to support the rear section of the chassis, so that the force generated during hard braking and driving can be re 12 Feb 2009 So I went to Petty's Garage to check it out and started asking about pros/cons. If you are looking to install struts on your vehicle’s rear end, Detroit Axle 10074-4 would be the best suggestion. Although the 4x4 shop owners all have SAS'd rigs said I should leave it on because it wouldn't be on there if the truck didn't need it. I am still on the fence regarding changing out the front end on this new bike because I feel like the '18 front suspension does a decent job. SUSPENSION COMPONENTS. I will report on how this affects the handling after a week or so. Driveline loss . I've asked too many people about the pros & cons of removing the Sway bar and more often than not people like my auto shop teacher, mechanics, fab shop owners & even 4x4 shop owners. Details of different suspension designs here but 4-bars don’t have to look linkage-actuated single pivot rear Jul 20, 2018 · Air bag suspension kits are a common choice for pickup truck owners who want extra suspension support for towing and hauling applications. May 29, 2020 · Pros: More room for passengers and cargo. So I've been reading on here for awhile now (LOTS of searching), and my tax refund just came in! There's nothing I'd like better than finally putting some coilovers on the truck, but I keep having a debate on whether it's worth it. It doesn’t affect structural integrity of the frame. Similar to the function of the front strut bar. 5. Most US models came from the factory with positive rake set to the rear this is due to US bumper height restrictions. Pros: more direct steering feel, more planted handling, faster reaction to direction changes. News. Dec 09, 2019 · Lifting a Truck Pros and Cons Tips. The first picture in each pair is with the rear bar connected. 1M rear sub frame bushings. Struts are sturdy and simple but should be checked every 50,000 miles. It was a Subaru aftermarket part (maybe standard on the WRX?) and the vendor did not recommend a thicker bar in the front. It does help smooth rough roads but it comes with the same disadvantages as rear suspension, albeit to a much smaller extent. my torque wrench only went as low as Just for my knowledge could you 26 Mar 2013 I'm considering buying RS4 sway bar front and rear, but i'm a bit unsure about the pros, cons the most, about the sway bars. Take a look at the OEM rear suspension on your bike. Which one should you buy? Here is your solution to take an action. Jul 28, 2010 · Rather than ask which is better, perhaps a better question is “Which suspension kit is better for me?” Pros and Cons? Lets take a quick look and a few of the pros and cons of each kit to help you weigh your decision. The price is fair, the service  Strut Braces: Advantages/Disadvantages, Considering for my Elantra · Chip shortage could delay launch of Mahindra Scorpio, XUV500 · Scoop! · Thinking of putting a rear bull bar for my Mercedes C-Class · Reliabi. Traditional rear sway bars can be a very effective method helping to take care of general side-to-side sway and body roll, something that the air bag system is not designed to help with. Here are some pros of lifting truck. Both front strut mount bearings were replaced due to binding. It distributes the tension between the left and right struts. 0 leveled. pettys-garage. Full suspension bikes are versatile and exciting to ride. But it might pay off to dig a bit deeper before deciding that this set up is right for you. However, this doesn’t mean that coil springs are automatically inferior. Feb 05, 2020 · If you dislike the feel of the ride, it’s easy to remove your strut brace. MacPherson, who invented and developed the design. Rear Engine. SUSPENSION PARTS. com↠ Stickers - https://bit. If you've got experience or ideas as to why I should or should not attempt to replace my rear struts on my own, please speak up! My list so far: Pros: *I'd save a TON of money in parts and especially labor. ly/2Tt20Wh↠ Facebook - https://bit. The cons are that a strut bar adds a small amount of weight (really negligible), and they give the car a slightly stiffer feel that casual drivers don’t always find as appealing as enthusiasts. Con, It allows no rear articulation so it can create a very unsafe handling situation on the street. Feb 17, 2021 · We break down the Terra’s pros and cons for you below. In strut suspension systems, the spring is held by the strut, and the strut provides structural support for the vehicle. Sep 23, 2019 · 9. . 21 Mar 2016 I went from a 16mm rear sway bar to 20mm on my FXT and was really happy with the results. Pros & Cons of Chevelle 4 link; Pros and Cons of Satchell Link Rear; C4 Rear Suspension: Need Input Please; Guldstrand Mod Fixture for the X1 Nova; 1968 camaro steering box swap; Anyone using Custom subframes; QA 1 shock leak; Just ordered Baer Trackers; Wanted Type III power steering pump; Does the rear end need to be narrowed after mini While even the V6-powered Durango can lug up to 6,200 pounds, some drivers will enjoy the Durango SRT’s 8,700-pound towing capacity. Cons: Relatively high centre of gravity. We've seen strut bars  5 Feb 2020 Connecting the front wheels increases understeer, and using a rear bar increases oversteer. Loose suspension parts, constant mis-alignment, and annoying noises are common symptoms of a failed rubber bushing. The new 2021 Toyota Venza nearly feels like a Lexus in some ways. Nov 15, 2019 · Strongly recommend Shocks and springs, before springs and A R B s , A good performance shock stops a lot of body roll which is what an A R B does , the benefit of a shock however is a great ride . Jul 18, 2016 · As for a rear bar, that would neither fall within the rules of Spec E46 nor show any benefit since they’re shocks in the rear, not struts. parallel 4 link) PROS CONS No side to side movement at all you can run tighter tire to fender clearance Less hardware to buy and install (no panhard bar) Allows flexibility in bar placement to avoid obstacles Angled upper bars can interfere with exhaust Angled upper bars can interfere with fuel tank on late model trucks 4 more attachment points to plot and install (parallel has bar mounts built together) Parallel 4 link (vs. 11 Apr 2004 What do I want? Do I want front and rear swaybars, or an I looking for strut tower brace bars, or both? Thanks. Easiest to drive. They take up less space than a double wishbone setup and allow for a wider engine compartment, as well. From fishing boats to other vehicles, you’ll be able to tow a wide range of different things. , Neuspeed) rear sway bar to reduce understeer. This will make the rear end feel like it's doing more when you are on the gas, but if you lift off in a turn the rear will loose traction if the bar is too large compared to front. REAR: Struts, coil springs, anti-roll bar; multilink, coil While even the V6-powered Durango can lug up to 6,200 pounds, some drivers will enjoy the Durango SRT’s 8,700-pound towing capacity. Rear sag occurs when a truck is either over matched or when a truck is hauling a load near its max load rating or payload.